DEAF ED 2007
photo credit: Jake Verzosa © 2006

A Rock Ed orientation/ acquaintance party for deaf student volunteers - to educate the hearing volunteers.

"Deaf Ed" will also be a dance showdown of some hearing-impaired students from different public schools and an opportunity for 'volunteers who can hear' to learn basic signing thru inter-action with the participants.

Percussion artist, Ria Bautista of Paramita will be there to lend the rhythms and some percussion students of St. Scho. The deaf students explained that they can feel rhythms as opposed to hear them aurally. We encourage you to bring your own bongos, kahon, drums, or gongs so you can participate in drumming for the kids while they dance.

Rock Ed can't afford to buy give aways for 150 children but we'd like to give them gifts and treats that day.

If you want to donate simple prizes (notebooks, books, pens, pentel sets, crayons, paper hobby kits, paint, etc) email us back before Saturday March 10 so we can pick up your donation. Feel free to leave it for Rock Ed at mag:net Katipunan c/o Malou. Email us back or call 02.709.0792 and leave a message how or when we can pick up. Food donations like snacks and chips are welcome, too. Juice supply is also low. (Lend us a cooler or call a friend from some juice company to lend us a dispenser, bring bags of ice on that day, whatever.)

You are also welcome to bring your donations on the day itself, at least an hour before we start. For this project, we are only accepting donations in kind. Unless you want to help defray our costs for 150 sandwiches. That's cool, too. We can tell you who to pay.

DEAF ED is on Sat March 10, 2007
3rd Floor, Garage
Multi Media Training Center
JesCom Bldg, ADMU Campus
Loyola, QC


Feel free to pass by and learn something new on sign language other than the finger.

This is an event to prove that rock and roll is not just a dimension of sound, it is a culture that believes everyone must be heard.

Salamat sa mga magdo-donate.

text: Gang Badoy
photo credit: Jake Verzosa © 2006

Note: Rock Ed would like to thank Raffy Reloza for coordinating 'Deaf Ed' with us.
To help programs that respond to the needs of the hearing-impaired you can contact the LINK Center
for the Deaf, please call (02) 426-0382 or e-mail