A Rock Ed Session at the Civil Service Commission
Quezon City, 09.22.2005

The unspoken thing that underpins Rock Ed activities remains to be: that we take on things that "have to be done." And one of those things happen to be giving credit where credit is due.

So on Sept 21 (perhaps not coincidentally the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in 1972) Rock Ed led by Paolo Santos hosted a 'thank you concert' for the employees of the Civil Service Commission. (CSC) Paolo regaled the group with an afternoon of jokes and music as a way of saying to them, as well all those who take on the sacrifices that come with working for a government office --we appreciate you.

All the employees who work diligently in the CSC are our heroes. They fall right beside Filipino world champions of boxing, or Filipino world class pianists or ballerinas, even our local nightingales who sing for London broadway theaters. The admin assistant in the CSC office, in our books, is right on that list. Thank you to Acoustic Gold Productions and Paolo Santos, for singing for our unsung heroes.


Photo Credit: Paolo Picones