Edukasyon: Ang Bagong Rebolusyon!*

A Concert for Public School Teachers
A joint project of the DepEd and Rock Ed Philippines

The 20th anniversary of the EDSA revolution came and went with a pfft. So many other issues came into play: the declaration of the State of Emergency, the street protests, with the opposition and the administration dancing the cha-cha. And the silent majority, remaining silent.

A more interesting thing happened that day. "EDUKASYON: Ang Bagong Rebolusyon" was held at the Folk Arts Theater. It was a night of song, storytelling and poetry. It was a rather offbeat way to say thank you the teachers. Telling them that the revolution that we're hoping for is slowly happening in their hands. Like soldiers everday, they fight for us. And they are vital in the turn-key battle that will win our war against poverty.

The public school teachers are our heroes. They deserve more than a concert. They deserve better compensation, benefits, support in the form of teacher training and additional enrichment. There are many tales of woe among them, most of us know that, but we find ourselves shrugging in frustration. Just as we do with other institutions that are constrained by the budget crunch. We are also frustrated by many of our other traits deeply embedded in the existing culture of our non-involvement. We are frustrated but we are not indifferent. And this will make all the difference.

Rock Ed Philippines has renewed its commitment to assist the teachers with any assistance we can offer from among our volunteers. We promise to hold as many Community Classroom weekends in many more barangays this summer. We turn our applause to the public school teachers who, despite the scarcity of resources, still try to give quality education to the students in their overcrowded classrooms.

The Radioactive Sago Project, Kala, SpongeCola, the DepEd choir and Mr. Noel Cabangon sang for the unsung heroes. Veteran theater actor, Ronnie Lazaro paid tribute to the public school teachers he grew up with and learned from, entrepreneur Jaime Garchitorena told stories of how and why teachers have been integral in his life. There was a lot of song, fire and laughter that night. It was a revolution happening in slow motion.

Mabuhay ang mga guro.

* Education: The New Revolution!
text: Gang Badoy
photo credit: Leonardo Coll © 2006

To learn more about the' Community Classrooms' series this summer, come to the new volunteers orientation on Friday, 21 April 2006. Cervini Dorm Cafeteria, Ateneo de Manila Loyola Campus. Registration @630pm. Text: 0917.627.3378


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