Noel Cabangon and Paolo Santos Rock Assumption College!
Makati, 06.09.2005

Assumption San Lorenzo's Institution Day had a different rhythm this year. To jump start the faculty and staff of the school, Rock Ed Philippines, through Noel Cabangon, Gang Badoy and Paolo Santos, spent the afternoon sharing insights, poetry and song enjoining the entire school to commit itself to a curriculum centered on the call for education to end poverty.

The 8 UN Millennium Goals stand prominent in most of the school's activities for the year.

Paolo and Noel ham it up in their Assumption jackets, raising the white band against poverty. The ceremony ended beatifully when school President Sr. Gertrude Borres asked the three to put white bands on the President's Council's wrists, and in turn the Council gave white bands to the Deans' and so on and so forth... cascading white bands to the rest of the faculty and staff--of the entire school! (what a cool school...yeaaah...)

Rock Ed is all about social awarenes through poetry and song. Rock on, sistahs!

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