UN Director in Manila

UN Millennium Campaign Director, Salil Shetty visited Manila last month and made a call to young Filipinos to know more about the Millennium Development Goals. (MDGs) Meeting up with Shetty is Gang Badoy, Rock Ed Philippines founder. Rock Ed's main anchor for content for projects are the MDGs.

In Sept 2000, all Heads of State signed a Millennium Declaration and came up with eight (8) inter related development goals. The MDG's are as follows:

Goal #1 : Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
Goal #2 : Achieve Universal Primary Education
Goal #3 : Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
Goal #4 : Reduce Child Mortality
Goal #5 : Ensure Maternal Health
Goal #6 : Combat HIV/AIDS/Malaria and other diseases
Goal #7 : Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Goal #8 : Develop a Global Partnership for Development.

The UN stressed that the Filipino youth should lend its voice to this anti-poverty campaign . If we have millions of voices saying the same thing at the same time, the world will have no choice but to listen. 2005 is the year to speak up about poverty. Make noise. Join the voices against poverty.

Aside from the school visits and next quarter's Hepa-B Vaccination Twinning Project, many of our volunteers have been donating their time and expertise to help out in this campaign through THE ROCK ED SERIES.

To learn more about the 8 Millennium Development Goals please log onto: http://www.millenniumcampaign.org