In the spirit of the election fever, Rock Ed Philippines will be running its own parallel campaign. We will fund participation of the volunteers by selling t-shirts that state our summarized dreams. Shown in photo is the first of a series of 8 shirts. (Pilipinas Busog)

RockPangarap shirts are produced from personal contributions of individual volunteers. If you wish to invest in this shirt campaign, please contact us at (Attention: PJ Lapira) Small amounts, welcome. Big amounts din, syempre.

We invite you to own one. Shirts will be sold only at Rock Ed events because we don’t have a stall in any mall. (wawa)

Believe in a movement. Join any cause. Donate those books. Assist in a project.
Or at the very least, wear the shirt.

-Gang Badoy

Gentleman on Photo is Dan Gil of Chillitees.

Come to “EXTRA RICE, PLEASE” A Rock Ed Free Concert/Food Drive @ Eastwood’s Central Plaza on Monday  October 2, 2006.  Featuring: CHILLLITEES, SUGARFREE, PEDICAB, SANDWICH. IMAGO, SOUND, BAGETSAFONIK, ITCHYWORMS AND MORE.  Concert starts at 7pm.

Admission to concert is free but we welcome food and cash donations. (books welcome, too!)   Rice, Noodles, Crackers, Canned Goods, Instant Soup, and anything that doesn’t perish too fast. The food will be turned over for relief workers at relocation centers in the Mayon area.