Para Malinaw
All campaign teams want safe and honest elections. 10 May 2010

We are Rock Ed Philippines.


We’re a coalition of several creative groups and individuals. Visual, literary, and performing artists, young professionals, educators, the creatively unemployed, freelancers, corporate hounds, IT experts, film makers, medical professionals, athletes- mainly private citizens comprise the core group. We have always maintained that no one in an elected or appointed government position can actively participate in Rock Ed's administration.


I acknowledge, respect, and celebrate that we have different choices for the top spots in government.


Rock Ed’s role has shifted the past few years – from being on-the-ground-campus-touring workshop-givers, we have also become project coordinators for school organizations and youth oriented corporations, we also wear the hat of book donation advocates and now as an alternative media source for the young private citizen. We serve this role through our online presence and our independent radio show aired over a rock station. (NU107)  We have also been training to be a source for disaster relief information online and for FM radio stations who have met with us in agreement – this is a continuation of something that inadvertently began during the twin storms of 2009.


Our radio show (Rock Ed Radio) is a volunteer driven project. The station lends us air time pro bono, in turn we hold a radio show episode once a week- also pro bono. We don’t owe anybody anything and no one owes us anything. As far as I’m concerned – we are beholden to no one except the young ones who demand from us sound information delivered in a language they understand. When they ask us questions they expect digestible answers from us – they have responded to us by suggesting we cut out jargon we cannot define, legalese, and misleading euphemisms they so often encounter.


I have not and will not endorse anyone because it would be disrespectful of me to net in all the individuals into one lump. How terrible. Much as I am uncomfortable admitting this, my vote will (for a reasonable many) translate into the wrong perception that it is the “Rock Ed vote.” No such thing. Again – no, there is no Rock Ed vote. Like many who find themselves in the same situation as I’m in, I will not endorse anyone but I will vote for someone and hopefully so will everyone else involved with Rock Ed projects for the past five years.


I am now down to my extremely short list. I hope to decide as soon as possible. I will assure you that whoever wins will still merit our support in the form of our doing what we’ve been doing the past five years: raising awareness through pop culture, encouraging questions, and making the young feel that it is cooler to be nation-involved.


As I said back in May 2007 — Unity never meant uniformity, diversity never meant discord.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinong Botante.
Mabuhay ang Pilipinong malinaw.


Ms. Gang Badoy
Founding Director
Rock Ed Philippines
3 May 2010. / Pasig