Rock Ed 2010: Back to Basics


Invite us to your school.  Tell us about your project idea.  Call us if you have resources you’d like to share.  Write us about your public school’s needs.  Talk to us through our radio show.  Tweet us your announcement.  Help us promote HIV-awareness and safety.   Suggest how best to raise funds for vaccines.  Give us your old books.  Send over your old sporting equipment.  Tell us where to give your clothes.  Collect school supplies on your birthday and give them to schools.  Donate pad paper to your neighborhood public school child.  Watch a gig that raises funds for a cause.  Come with us to jail and teach something. Write. Blog. Ask. Think. Rethink. Anything. Everything.

Thank you for participating in the building of a nation.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Rock Ed Philippines