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  • Since July 2005, the Philippine Government has not appointed a Secretary for the Department of Education leaving it without set leadership for almost a year.
    (as of 1 June 2006)
  • Only 1.3% of the Philippine budget goes to health
  • 33% of our country's budget goes straight to debt
  • Only 15% of our budget goes to Education
  • 10- 20% of our budget is unaccounted for
  • 32% goes to government salaries.
In our world today:
  • 115 million school-aged children are not in school
  • 56 percent of them girls
  • 94 percent of them in developing countries
  • 33 million young people cannot read or write
  • Only 37 of 155 developing countries have achieved universal primary school completion
But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

The world now has the financial resources and know-how to end extreme poverty. All that is lacking is the political will to change the status quo.

Educate to end poverty!

Source: Social Watch Philippines MDG report and Millennium Campaign website.