Raya School

Proponents of
Rock Ed Philippines

Quezon City, 06.2005

The Raya School founders, Ani Almario and CP David are part of the convenor list of the Rock Ed Series. Raya is affiliated with Adarna House, the country's first and largest publisher of educational children's books. What sets Raya apart is the number one item in their Philosophy and Curricular Thrusts.

Sense of Country

The all-encompassing philosophy of Raya School’s curriculum is a deep sense of country.

From the very beginning, Raya School makes the child aware and appreciative of his proud heritage, his rich culture, and, his great forefathers. In order to make the classroom experience more authentic, and to promote the love for their own culture and heritage, the Raya Preschool curriculum is abundant with examples and artifacts from Filipino culture and history. Lessons and activities are made more meaningful and relevant by the fact that what is being discussed and celebrated are their own communities and traditions.

Gang Badoy
A Different Kind of Outreach Program

Teaming up with Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy, Ani and CP agree that there is a need to provide alternative ways of education. Ways to make critical thinking and awareness of socio-civic issues more attractive to the young. And what better way than through our Filipino artists, writers, poets, photographers, et al?

The Rock Ed Series is a different kind of education-outreach program, aside from being a great support to a school's curriculum, it is also providing young professionals to volunteer their time to youth activities, school visits, and outreach projects without asking them to do anything outside of their passion or profession. Singers visit schools for mini-concerts and a discussion/lecture on one MDG. Photographers stage travelling exhibits to Universities on thematic shows depending on a school's request. The possibilities are endless.

No More Excuses, Philippines!

Gang and CP have been friends since late high school, CP met Ani in Stanford in 2002 and introduced her to Gang who was also in Stanford, Palo Alto, CA at that time. Being in the fields that they're in and having had the opportunity to study elsewhere to get training and method expertise, the three have an unspoken agreement that there are no more excuses for them not to contribute to nation building.

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Photo credit: Phil. Daily Inquirer, 2005