You can help Rock Ed. If you are :

A student:

For those who have graduated, talk to your Alma Mater's President or Principal and make them aware of Rock Ed's availability to provide these substitute classes!

  • Get us in touch with your org head or your student affairs dean or student council president so we can plan events leading up to the 3 key dates for the global anti-poverty campaign.Plan your own white band event! Coordinate with Rock Ed for content or materials.
  • Organize a poverty awareness photo exhibit, coordinate so we can send you Jose Enrique Soriano's photo exhibit called "EPISODES" Still photos of the unstill mind.
In digital, web, print, broadcast, media and radio:
  • Feature MDGs on your articles, invite anyone from our roster to contribute an article, feature our events, interview our volunteers.
  • Give anti-poverty awareness articles and features free media mileage! 
  • Space in your publication. Seconds on-air. Lend your voice to the campaign.
A professional in a manufacturing company or corporate institution: 
  • Get us in touch with your marketing arm so your comany can sponsor awareness banners for public schools and white bands to give out for free. We want everyone to join in the voice ---let's not make them spend anymore. 
  • You can sponsor several "Rock Ed Series" visits to public schools.
  • Donate P1000 for a banner, we can put a small logo of yours on the side. Banners will be hung in school campuses. Or print it yourself! We'll provide the design.
  • Donate white bands!! Give it away.
In the print business, tarp, paper, banners, streamers: 
  • You can help by emailing us to send you a design so you can print one out yourself to hang in your neighborhood or you can give us the finished tarp and we can send it to a school who can't afford one
  • You can donate paper to our office. Wawa.
  • We want a "NO MORE EXCUSES, PHILIPPINES!" banner in every single campus in this archipelago. 
  • Help us make it possible, one banner at a time
A visual artist, a singer, a songwriter, a photographer, a poet, a performance artist, dancer, writer, athlete, etc:
  • Volunteeeeeeeer! we'll find something for you.
  • Invite Rock Ed to your schools! Coordinate with us. Allow a singer, artist, poet, anybody on our list to be your substitute social studies teachers for one day a quarter.

If you want to help volunteers set up BookBigayan, Rock the Rehas, RockEd Relief, Unstoppable Science, we accept donations thru BPI bank account ROCK ED PROJECT account #3080-0073-44 LOYOLA-KATIPUNAN.

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