What is the Millennium Campaign?

The Millennium Campaign is the United Nations' push for all the governments of its member nations to achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals. Rock Ed Philippines is part of this global campaign against poverty.

Rock Ed supports the campaign by first pushing for a more involved citizenry and to encourage volunteerism among the youth and young professionals. They do this by way of the arts. Visual, literary and performing arts.

Because the core convenors of Rock Ed Philippines do not prefer partisan politics, they decided to first target the poverty of hope in our country, especially among the young. They believe that many concrete steps will follow if that is first addressed.

This campaign has spearheaded the series of Live8 concerts all over Europe and in the US. "Make Poverty History" is the campaign of the UK, while "ONE" is the campaign of the United States. Wada na Todo Habiyan (Keep Your Promises) is India's campaign, while "No More Excuses, Philippines" is ours.

The international symbol for the anti-poverty campaign is the white band.

In the Philippines, wearing the white band is your voice saying, "No More Excuses, Philippines" --wearing the white band means you believe that poverty can and should end, and that you will find a way to be part of that war against poverty.

Lend us your voice. Wear the white band.

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