What is Rock Ed's Main Objective?

Our main objective is to find alternative ways to make the young Filipino more interested in socio-civic realities, critical thinking, and having relevant knowledge about the complex issues du jour.

Our secondary objective is to train teachers through creative teaching workshops to be more effective in communicating with their students. (e.g. We offer lectures on Media Literacy, Environmental Science, new approaches to teaching Geology, Math Teacher Training, Pre-School and Grade School Classroom best methods, Phil-Chi Cultural lectures, Poetry and Creative Writing, Archaeology in the Philippines, etc. Our dream is to make teachers more hip.

A great byproduct of the first two objectives is providing the young professionals a venue to volunteer their time and expertise through these alternative classes. To experience getting involved in nation building through their professions.

Note: Rock Ed is a ten-year series of projects. We conclude on the 1st of July 2015.

How does Rock Ed Achieve its Objective?

By coordinating with schools, Rock Ed will be providing 'alternative social studies classes' to Juniors and Seniors in High School. College Students may coordinate with us through an organization or via a Department's Program Director. What we do is, we send a 'substitute teacher' to a school for one day to conduct a Rock Ed Session. Basically, a Rock Ed session is an integration of two things: it is a "career choice" talk and a discussion on one relevant MDG. (to see MDG's read UN DIRECTOR IN MANILA article on the News Gallery of this website)

Note: The "career choice" talks are designed to make the Senior High School student be more equipped to make his choice of course for college. The goals are:

  • the student should be able to find his way to finding out what his passion is (whether its music, art, math, numbers, ahtletics, etc)
  • the student to realize that there are rewards in putting in work to be excellent in his craft or field of discipline -regardless of what it is -- and that one can only sustain that endurance when it is something he or she enjoys doing
  • and if the world is lucky, his or her contribution will benefit more than just a few people.
Who are these "Substitute Teachers?

Celebrities, visual artists, performing artists, theatre actors, musicians, singers, songwriters, poets, writers, athletes, fashion designers, professors, photographers, dancers, sculptors, NGO founders, entrepreneurs, young executives, etc.

What is the GCAP-Rock Ed Series Project?

The Global Call to Action Against Poverty ROCK ED SERIES is a coordination of several events through art, music, poetry, photography, sports, literature, fashion, theatre, advertising, film, video arts, documentaries, dance, etc. Through these creative expressions of thought, we generate media interest to let the world know that we are lending our voices to this campaign to end poverty. This also falls under the media awareness "No More Excuses, Philippines." campaign.

Who Can Volunteer to be Part of Rock Ed?

Anybody who is not holding a political or appointed position in the government. Rock Ed is a private citizen's movement. If you hold office, then we assume you are contributing to the country while you are in that office, so we'd rather not cut into your time.

What if a Rock Ed Volunteer runs for Office and eventually wins while being a part of Rock Ed?

Then he/she ceases to be a Rock Ed Volunteer. But if he/she eventually works and achieves measurable success in addressing some of the Millennium Development Goals, then the Rock Ed Convenors can deliberate and make him or her an honorary Rock Ed Volunteer. (REV)

What can I do to help?

Get in touch with us and tell us how you want to get involved in this anti-poverty alternative education campaign. Rock Ed wants you to be part of the series via your expertise or through something that you enjoy. Other than that, you can help by learning more about the poverty issues, debt issues and trade and aid issues and talk about it to others. It will take people talking and bringing it to the forefront. Only with your voice can you change the world. Ask more critical questions. Don't just take things as they are. Learn more, surf: http://www.millenniumcampaign.org

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