Philippine High School for the Arts
Makiling, Los Banos

Some days are close to perfect. The sky was unbearably blue it almost hurt to remember it. Against the magnificent Makiling wind, on top of a ridiculously green hill, with the more creative young minds in the country, talking about dreams and action plans about nation-building, with Radioactive Sago’s brassy-sassy excellent jazz strains in the background— naisip ko, hindi pwedeng walang pag asa ang Pilipinas.

Rock Ed trekked to the Philippine High School for the Arts. Opening a forum for this young, brash, and talented set was a fantastic way to spend a Friday morning. It was my privilege to be there. The discussion revolved around ‘the artist’s role in social change.’ Obviously a dream stop for Rock Ed, the PHSA High School student body listened, inquired, shared their own takes on the arts and the need to quell apathy.

If in the war against indifference we choose the arts as our battlefield, then it is high time we recruited these budding artists to join us at the front and center of the troop.

Premier Rock Ed Band, Radioactive Sago Project generously lent their sleepless hours to this Rock Ed session, performing at what-is-considered an ungodly hour for rocking. 9am on a Friday. (gasp) But naturally, Sago’s front man, Lourd de Veyra held court.

We rocked while educating. And got educated while rockin’

PHSA: Kayo ang Rock Ed!

Our appreciation for the able coordination of Ms. Frances Niduaza, the administration, faculty and staff of PHSA who graciously welcomed our weary, motley crew the night prior to the Rock Ed session.

Text: Gang Badoy
Photo Credit: Bahaghari © 2006

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