The 3rd National Leadership Training
Supreme Student Government
Teachers Camp, Baguio City

Rock Ed dutifully rocked the country’s future decision makers when over 3,500 Student Government Officers from high schools all over the nation gathered in the biggest leadership training seminar in the Philippines. Organized by the Department of Education, this coming together of the youth is indubitably historic. Rock Ed had the privilege of dialogue with this fine collective.

Addressing such a crowd was a unique experience. I am impassioned by their zeal for love of country, enlightened by their wisdom, strengthened by their energy, humbled by their solicitation for advice coming from my inadequacy.

Ika nga ni Gat. Jose Rizal, kayo ang Pag-Asa ng Bayan.

And because I’ve seen what these young leaders are like and capable of, the future’s looking better.

To all the participants of the 3rd National Leadership Training, hats off to you.

May the cynicism that usually comes with adulthood never overshadow your passion for excellence and concern for others.

Mabuhay kayo lahat, at kung maari –manatili sa bayan. Kailangan ka rito.

Chin up.

Carry on.