Municipality of Kapangan, Benguet

There's something different about doing good together.

There were 16 of us, officemates in Trend Micro, an IT company in Eastwood City, that went with RockEd folks one weekend to visit Kapangan in Benguet (a three-hour bumpy drive from Baguio City).

We had simultaneous classes all jampacked into one Saturday: review classes for college admission exams for the senior high school students, storytelling and arts activities for the elementary school students, computer "how-to" sessions for the teachers (whose time had to be cut short to our laptop battery life because there was no electricity), and health and nutrition classes for the parents in the community.

I didn't expect it to be such a big operation – it was! – and was really fascinated to see how it all ran like clockwork.

Now, we're back in Manila. We 16 officemates still carry the Kapangan experience. "Wow, ang galing. Nakakapagod pero ang galing!" one of us would reminisce. There's really something different about doing good together.

Text: Chris Lagman
Photo Credit: Gang Badoy, PJ Lapira and Chris Lagman

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