The Warrior Between

The Warrior Between

I am a warrior in my sleep. I gather people and lead armies to victory.
I protect women and children and calcify men with inspiration.
Awake, I worry about rent and the gears of my car.

I am a warrior in my sleep. I speak against corruption and stand fiercely steady upwind.
I feed the hungry and balm the hurting.
Awake, I fuss over cell phones and petty cash vouchers that need to be signed.

I am a warrior in my sleep. I draw my sword against those in power and make them do what is right. I calm the anxious and revive my people’s hopes.
Awake, I fret over fashion and what unimportant others perceive me to be.

I am a warrior in my sleep. I fight for this country and embrace it with my blood.
I breathe the air of my ocean and build my roots on its shores.
Awake, I line up for a foreign visa and envy the lucky who have left.

Asleep, I am truthful.
Awake, I deceive.

Now I stand at the split between.



An excerpt from an essay entitled “The Warrior Between”


Text and Photo: Gang Badoy © 2005
Manila, Philippines