Always the Question of Identity
Gawad Kalinga

We are not rootless, in fact, we are rooted on multiple ground. We are ready to assemble with other identities. So we should be careful who we choose to believe or follow. As I see it, the Filipino does not possess a single essence. We are essences unfolding. And this could be our greatest advantage. It is our challenge to manage all these, to find our own generation's rhythm. With all its global tones and local hues. And that will be our identity.

We need to sift through all the beliefs we've inherited and dismiss all that tarnishes our noble collective soul. When we say we are not interested in partisan politics, we mean only that for the duration of Rock Ed's existence, we will find out what our political rhythm is. We are a different generation, it doesn't make sense to just inherit the existing beat of our country's political dance. Towards 2015, we will continue to formulate our generation's idea on how our country should be run.

We will discard the lies that have been passed onto generations and build the country and its institutions based on our truths.

And I invite all the people who trust their own integrity, to be heroes in the administration, no longer heroes in street protest, you need to take the helm. But til then, we will continue to ask questions, we will continue to run projects that make tiny dents in social change, we will train ourselves to be people who do not tire of being compassionate, we will work on getting to know our country better and eventually fall in love with it all over again, I am tired of flings with nationalism, I want true romance. Flings are exciting but fleeting. True romance is not as spark-ridden, it takes work and bearing dull days, devotion and fidelity. But this is what we all long for.

We will keep our hopes up-- even when it seems unsound to do so.

We will find our stance. And we will stay there. We will be the nervous system of our country. And we will include the country even in our individual dreams. We will be the generation that, at the very least, tried to end the poverty of hope. We will rally each other on through music and poetry, sports and all of the arts. We will be prophets of our own future. We will be that and more. We will re-define Peace as not merely the absence of war or violence but the presence of social justice and development. We have too much to lose if we don't start now.

I know it's not hip to be this hopeful, nor is it practical to be this passionate everyday. But if we look at our country's struggle with poverty with the rawness of honest eyes, then we know it makes less sense not to be.

Welcome to a nation of less excuses and indifference. Welcome to a Rock Ed nation abound with passion, genius, and kindness.

Welcome to Rock Ed Philippines.

-Gang Badoy

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If you want to volunteer for Rock Ed projects:
Come to CONSPIRACY on Thursday, September 21 for "ROCK ED RESPECTS!" A concert/informal discussion group remembering Martial Law and an quick orientation for new volunteers. Featuring Bagetsafonik, Cherry Cornflakes, Severo, Salindiwa, The Ambassadors and more. Cheers. Entrance gets you a drink and donates to the transpo allowance of the starving artists performing that night. We are also shooting on the-spot-interviews for the short UN International Anti-Poverty ad for the October 15-16 STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY event at the Marikina Freedom Park. If you want to be part of the ad, show up in a white shirt. Concert starts @9pm.