Earth Day
Jake Verzosa ©2006

Pang apat ko yan.*

Three years old and he loves to play with water.  His father said he worries because water lines here are never reliable and gently scolds him to stop wasting it and could he please take a bath. We have visitors and you’re dirty.  Little one chuckles, says something I don’t understand and the crowd of cousins laugh.

I look back.  They chime, childish mock “..dudumi din naman…*”  His father continues the monologue on how life is okay and talks about the job he will eventually find.  In New Zealand maybe, as a construction worker and did I know anyone who could help him?  Anything at all. Mother left. Not sure where. I could smell the alcohol in his sweat.

Then he asks me if he could see his son’s photo through the screen of my camera.  I said sure.

Text by Gang Badoy
Photo Credit Jake Verzosa ©2006

*”he’s my fourth child..”
**”sure to get dirty again anyway…