Rock Ed, Randy & MTV

“Rock Ed, Randy & MTV”
A dialogue between Sociologist, Prof. David and musicians.
24 May, 2006
@the MTV Office, Taguig

It was an unlikely forum at an unlikely venue with an unlikely cast of characters. Prof. Randy David agreed to give a lecture on the national situation and the role of the musician in social change. Incisive, as he was, he gave everyone a history lesson and presented the challenge to this generation of artists.  He says that all music is communication –and communication is “To create a difference that makes a difference.”

Musicians from Salamin, Rocksteddy, Pupil, Cebu-based band Sheila and the Insects, Cagayan de Oro’s Tabularaza, Menaya, Noel Cabangon, Karl Roy, Dong Abay, Kris Dancel of Cambio, and many more musicians along with some staff members of MTV and guests were present during the event.  Many commented and expressed their take on the role of the musician and questions ensued. Cramped in the small square area of the MTV office hallway with others just listening from the mezzanine, it was definitely an uncommon experience.

It is my privilege to know that many great things have happened because people had the chance to talk to each other. I will never underestimate the power of good conversation. Of listening. Of listening with openness. I also learned the power of asking questions. Of arguing. And trying to answer other people's questions. For the first few years of Rock Ed Philippines, we will anchor our work on idea sharing. Idea sharing between artists, scientists, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, businessmen, corporate minds, dentists, bohemians and all those in between.

Then in the end, we realize that the one thing that binds us all, more than creed or ideology is that we are all children of our country. Other journeys, like faith or self-actualization are individual journeys. Nationalism is a journey we take with compatriots. Nation-building is a journey we take with others. Otherwise, it is not.

We'd like to thank all the musicians who attended the forum, MTV for providing us the venue, Prof. Randy David for providing some answers and more importantly, for drawing out from us -- more questions and less excuses.

Text: Gang Badoy
Photo credit: Leonardo Coll & Bing Basit copyright 2006