Extra Rice, Please!
10.02.2006, Eastwood Main Circle (and then Gweilos Eastwood!)

Ang daming satsat
sa Kongreso, Senado, City Hall, Palasyo.

Puwede kayang unahin
ang agenda na
kulang ang kanin
sa bahay

-Gang Badoy

What started out as a dim night turned out to be one of Rock Ed’s more brilliant evenings, to date.  Rock Ed sponsored the re-launch of  Chillitees’ maiden album called “Extra Rice.”  A breezy collection of songs that fuse jazz, R&B, world music with a hint of  hip hop, world and more-- this band is definitely a category on its own.  Harder to pin down is which award to give it. Friends of the band who are fellow Rock Ed Volunteers played to support our food drive. Of course, we were all there to celebrate the burst of Chillitees into the main scene and in the process, collect food for the victims of Typhoon Milenyo. 730pm rolled by and the tropical storm rushed in taking with it some parts of the tent, the cables’ capacity to stay functioning safely, and drowned the stage leaving two-tiles-worth of dry land.  Everyone huddled and bit their nails at the impending doom of a great gig about-to-be-cancelled.  We were all hungry and damp: a sneak preview of what was happening in other parts of the country while this storm blew us over. Except for us in Eastwood, this was temporary.

With complete openness and cool generosity, Mario of Gweilos took a phonecall from us and said ‘yes’ to absorbing the entire concert into their 2nd floor space.  So we trekked from Eastwood’s Central Plaza to Gweilos.  An Exodus of equipment, artists, food donations, banners and audience was a sight. So, safely positioned on the high ground of Gweilos, the night rocked on.  And how!

The unstoppable Pedicab, the Bagetsafonik British-ish beat, the Itchyworms wit, the soul of Helen, the electricity of Sandwich, the positively punk-happy Imago sound, the definite sound of Sound, and the smashing comeback of SVC (featuring Nimbus 9) made the night feel nothing like a Monday.  Hell, even the regret of Sugarfree contributed to the buoyancy of the gig’s spirit.  Note: Ebe, your willingness to play was all we needed that night.  (Because of the rain-delay Sugarfree had to leave for a gig elsewhere.)  The Dawn’s lead voice, Jet Pangan opened the night, while Andy and I took turns hosting.  Imago’s drummer Zach pinch-hit here and there; while the late Twisted Halo’s Vin Dancel braved the stage every now and then.  The supertyphoon was no match against the rock solid good collective vibe.  

Incidentally, we were also able to donate to Kaisa Foundation’s Project: Milenyo.  24 boxes of noodles and instant Spaghetti from Maggi, dozens of plastic bags containing rice, canned goods, noodles and soup packets, all collected from individual gig-goers. This could very well be Rock Ed at its finest.  We look forward to more of these. 

Because every Filipino deserves EXTRA RICE, PLEASE.

Text: Gang Badoy
Intro quote is an excerpt from the poem, “Ano Muna” by Gang Badoy
Photo Credit: Leonardo Coll ©2006
Acknowledgment: Rock Ed Philippines is forever grateful to the owners of Gweilos Eastwood. We will give you the first-born sons of all the younger volunteers in exchange for this act of generosity. (after 2015…hehehe)  You will not imagine what a difference you guys made to many of us from Rock Ed.  Mabuhay ka, Mario at ang mga partners mo sa negosyo.

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