22nd Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution
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You will stand up for something.
With everything you've got.
Embrace your guitar.
Hold it tight.
Hold a banner to your chest.
Hold it high and sure.
Stand in front.
And center.
Stand straight.
Chin up.
Make a face.
Make a fist.
Walk. Run. Dance. Jump. Teach. Sing.
Gather yourself.
And then gather people.
And then scatter both.
Every now and then.
But you will show up.
Because you know.
A revolution never happened when people were absent.
Your revolution is not on the internet.
Your revolution is live.
You are the plan.
You are the movement.
You will show up.


When you do this, you will know that fabricating angst is a waste of time.
Because there are real things to feel.
And because.
Someday, other people's pain will be yours.
And, in return, other people will bear your pain.
And when you get the balance right.
Change will show its face.

You will also relax when you can.
Dahil minsan lang ang buhay.

Cheers, my friend.

These are your 'good old days.'
The time in your life when you 'still had ideals.'
And because you decided on it --
This season will never end.

-Gang Badoy
written for Rock Ed volunteers on 23 January 2007

Note: During these curious times, Rock Ed volunteers gather regularly to talk to each other about the political situation, the state of corruption or the State’s corruption.  We acknowledge that these times are confusing and that we are humbled by it.  We are so sure of certain things, but we are not sure who to trust. We are uncomfortable standing beside certain people but we acknowledge that it is necessary to do so now.

When one loses track, it is always helpful to trace back a few steps.  Look back on why we started out in the first place. Here we are re-posting something from last January.  Because we have become mindful of our starting point, we will be able to decide where we want to go.  After all, we’ve always known that our general direction is to have hope and pride in our country again.   We have to look for fuel again. We have to remind ourselves that no politician, no matter how evil --can put our fire out. It is not ideology that we lack in this country, it is integrity and fidelity to duty. Integrity and efficiency with or without media attention.

So we just have to say this to ourselves again --- no politician, no matter how evil, can kill our fire.  It is ours.  We will bear it. Use it. Warm something or burn it.  Don't let the dead around us make us doubt. We are alive.  And we know where and how and when to stand.

See you on the 5th SUNDAY SILENCE  – March 23 at the Baywalk stretch along Roxas Blvd. Gather at 4pm. Watch the sunset. Stand up in silence. Stand up for your duty to truth.  You are the rally.  

photo: Nards Coll copyright2007