Dan Gil of Chillitees

BookBigayan goes something like this.

A songwriter creates music and then forms a band to perform his songs. A few people like it and then more.  They come and show up at the musician’s gigs to listen to the pieces they like. Someone says ‘come to a Rock Ed free concert and bring old books to donate to public schools.’ Many of them come and bring books.  Volunteers sort out the donations so that they can evenly distribute the collected publications.  These books augment spare libraries in further-flung areas. Areas inaccessible to any vehicle. A group of volunteers travel to the area, empty their backpacks and load the donated books and trek uphill or through rivers.  They deliver books so more children will achieve functional literacy.  Too many schools have too little books in their shelves.  Keep donating your old books to Rock Ed Philippines. 

And when you see musicians from the Rock Ed roster, please shake their hands and say thank you for us.

-Gang Badoy

Gentleman on Photo is Dan Gil of Chillitees.

Come to “EXTRA RICE, PLEASE” A Rock Ed Free Concert/Food Drive @ Eastwood’s Central Plaza on Monday  October 2, 2006.  Featuring: CHILLLITEES, SUGARFREE, PEDICAB, SANDWICH. IMAGO, SOUND, BAGETSAFONIK, ITCHYWORMS AND MORE.  Concert starts at 7pm.

Admission to concert is free but we welcome food and cash donations. (books welcome, too!)   Rice, Noodles, Crackers, Canned Goods, Instant Soup, and anything that doesn’t perish too fast. The food will be turned over for relief workers at relocation centers in the Mayon area.