schu for a Cause
schu for a Cause

We’ve all heard of our country having better days. We’ve also heard of easier times. We’ve heard enough about our deteriorating state and declared enough the need for change. Our harsh realities call for it every single day. And reasons to not create it now completely escape us.

There are no more reasons. “No more excuses.” This is the battle cry of RockEd Philippines as it spreads its germ of an idea by integrating themselves into people’s lifestyles, anchoring on the performing, literary, or visual arts. This volunteer group is aligned with the UN’s millennium campaign and seeks to end the poverty of hope and involvement

schu, a brand of women’s footwear, shares this mission with RockEd. Having identified shopping to be inherent among most people, it opens the doors of its shops as a venue to promote social awareness. Together with Team Manila, a graphic design group that draws inspiration from the urban lifestyle, culture and imagery of the city, they zero in on one of the nation’s biggest concerns for the youth—education. Thus the birth of, Let’s Edschucate! a campaign that integrates shopping with the means to contribute to RockEd’s education projects. Together they call on others to share in the goal of equipping the minds of the youth so that in time, they can take the right steps to create a better future and a better Philippines.


Purchase any of the following pair and 15% of the selling price will go to RockEd, plus you get a free tote bag, specially designed by Team Manila for this project!

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