Sana Ano


(a Filipino sentence-fragment expressing hope for something that isn't yet)

Sometimes the work of a photo artist is to say "This is what I've seen".
Hopefully, from there, true dialogue will happen.

SANA ANO takes this said dialogue literally.
All the works in this exhibit are entitled, "Sana _____. " We invite you to fill in the blanks.
It is an unfinished sentence that we ask you to complete.

The future is not assured; that is its drama. It can show itself in two forms: as an ongoing reality –-- a present extended indefinitely --- or as a new world. Lend your thoughts to this new world.

If hope is never in your thoughts then it will never be in your actions.

Jake Verzosa is a Rock Ed volunteer. Like many other artists, he has lent his visual voice to our anti-poverty campaign. Verzosa is most eloquent when he is not talking.
It is his work that speaks for him. And his message is usually stark.

So go where the photographs take you. Tapos, sana ano.

Gang Badoy
Rock Ed Philippines