Sago sa Bulacan!

Terno Records will lend Rock Ed its voice through Radioactive Sago. Baliuag University, Bulacan will be celebrating its Foundation Day on August 5, 2005. The day will find the university rocking with socio-civic awareness.

The day opens with the launch of Rock Ed's premier photographer, Jose Enrique Soriano's EPISODES. "EPISODES: Still Photos of an Unstill Mind" is a photo-journey through the halls of our nation's mental health institution.

The afternoon will be a series of forum/discussions by HARIBON, KLIMA, International Labour Organization, and Lopez Foundation's Dulce Baybay's forum on Volunteerism etc. Glaxo Foundation will hold a forum on Hepa-B awareness and vaccination as well for Baliuag University's nursing students.

The afternoon will also find a GCAP-Philippines presence through the music of Noel Cabangon and media literacy Q&A by Gang Badoy.

Of course, there's no other way to end a day in Bulacan --after all the learning and rock and roll---we gotta wash everything down with Radioactive Sago.

Terno Records, Mabuhay.

Our appreciation to Toti Dalmacion for his support