Rock The Riles 2007

On its third year run, ROCK THE RILES is happening again.

Transforming eight (8) Metro Rail Transit stations into eight performance spaces, Rock Ed Philippines makes it a point to take a visible stand for Human Rights. Rock the Riles (pronounced reeh-les, Filipino for train tracks) gathers musicians, artists, photographers to simultaneously hold performances throughout the stretch of EDSA’s main vein –the MRT.

Come join us on Dec 9, take the train from 2-7pm. Stop in any of these stations:

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1. Taft – Hip Hop artists from LockedDown Productions

2. Ayala - Terno Recordings artists, Radioactive Sago Project, UpdharmaDown, Swissy, Musical O, Sleepwalk Circus, Giniling Festival, Ang Bandang Shirley, Juan Pablo Dream, Dr. Mindbender, Sugarfree.

3. Buendia – c/o www.rakista.com, too late the hero, peacepipe, 18th issue, Maryzark, Neruda, Reklamo.

4. Boni – Fig, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Blue Ketchup, Analog, Bagetsafonik, Chillitees, and the Venus poets.

5. Shaw – Chicosci, Noel Cabangon, Salindiwa, Sound, Peryodiko, Angulo, Julianne, Nyko Maca, Area 5

6. Cubao – Phil Violators, The Wuds, Jeepney Joyride, Drip, Typecast, Toyo, FMD, Datu’s Tribe

7. Quezon Ave - a photo show and acoustic performances by a group called Kolektib. LomoManila, Geek Chorus combines.

8. North Edsa – a group of photographers will have a dynamic slide show of photos, a showcase of large format photos on tarps plus music from DJs.

This year’s ROCK THE RILES is a Human Rights stand for the farmers struggle for land. Jobs for all. And the right to quality education for all children.