Rocker Park Final Rounds!
03.26, 04.30, 05.28.2007

If you haven't witnessed a single Rocker Park round you can still catch the last two sets! Come to Eastwood Main Plaza from 4pm onward on the last Mondays of the next three months.

See the action rise as Bgy. Tibay (Greyhoundz, Queso, Circus) defends its hold on the crown. Team EMI has an edge as they rise in their standings. Team Admit One stands its ground as if saying, "Hindi pa tapos ang labanan..." Hala...

Basketball at its finest. RockerPark music powered by Red Eye productions but athleticism provided by the artists of Dicta License, Chicosci, Bagetsafonik, Session Road, Rivermaya, Hale, Urbandub, Queso, StoneFree, Sandwich, Pedicab, Happy Meals, Out of Body Special, Peryodiko, Kjwan, the Ambassadors, UpdharmaDown, Sago, Paramita, and many many more athlete/musicians.

You are encouraged to donate used sports equipment for the Rock Ed P.E project. We want to supply equipment to many public schools in the rural area.

This event is brought to you by TOBY's! TOBY's! TOBY's!