Joey “Pepe” Smith
20 August 2005
Baguio City

Joey Smith through Baguio-based photographer David Leproso joins Rock Ed Philippines. Sings HIMIG NATIN for a small Rock Ed crowd in AYUYANG.

Sporting the white band, Joey Smith officially lends his voice to say, “END POVERTY NOW!”

Just when we thought our list couldn’t get any better. Smith shows up and screams “Ba’t ngayon lang ako nasama sa listahan eh ang tagal tagal ko nang rumarak-ed?!” Breaks out laughing with a guitar rift that blew me away.

“Himig Natin” will never sound the same again.

With him on board, Rock Ed is on its way to being complete.

Joey Pepe Smith, mabuhay ka at lahat ng tulad mo.

Rakenrol Pilipinas, Rakenrol…

Thank you to: Edong, Dave, Harley, Jake. Photographers all.

Thank you to Paolo who owns an acoustic guitar and Ramon Zialciata “The Doctor” Baguio DJ and Media Practitioner, Maela Smith for keeping Joey sane. (tough call)

Thank you to the Dep Ed people PJ, RJ, JR (walang loko yan ang mga pangalan nila) Lesley, Boggs, Jeliks (wrong spelling yata) and Jonathan Malaya, Chief of Staff of Dep Ed’s OIC, also to Mr. Joey Pelaez and all those who made Rock Ed’s stay in Baguio warmer than expected.

Thank you to the staff of South Drive Manor for being patient with our late comings and goings and giving us a reasonable DepEd discount. May I have more nights within your walls.

Thank you to my friends Orvin Hilomen and Meah Ang See for funding my trip to Baguio.
Thank you to the Baguio cab drivers who were polite and efficient.

Thank you to the moon for showing up full on those nights.

Thank you for the rain who only showed up on the last day.

And thank you to whoever invented coffee and things that keep us awake.