Mission Not Impossible
Lipa, Batangas

The Philippine Association of Nutrition Los Banos Chapter joins Rock Ed Philippines in a Medical Mission for Bgy. San Jose and Bgy. Tipacan
Lipa, Batangas

A small barangay school gym transforms into a venue for health access to two barangays. Mothers, children, men, the elderly and otherwise troop to the school as early as 7am because of the Medical Mission offered by the LB Chapter of PAN. A few generous doctors provided medical advice to almost two thousand patients.

Streaming in the entire day, Rock Ed volunteers Tammy David and Paolo Picones photo-document the flow of people. People getting the proper health care they so deserve--- but are not too fortunate to have.

We should all be asking why access to health care is scarce in rural areas. Is this not a basic human right? Is the value of a person dependent on his or her location? How strange. So instead of asking more questions or blaming institutions, we try to live our way to the answers and be the institution that can provide for these needs. One Medical Mission at a time.

Rock Ed volunteer and entrepreneur Jun Badoy got donations from friends and family members to make this event possible. Tied up with the LB chapter of PAN, Rock Ed, in turn, officially requested for donations in-kind from Drugmakers Inc through the leadership of EJ Del Mundo.

Access to health is intertwined with the 8 Millennium Goals. (Goal #4) Reducing Child and Infant Mortality, (Goal #5) Ensuring Maternal Health, and (Goal #6) Addressing Preventable Diseases.

Rock Ed is pushing for more tie-ups with existing service-oriented groups to bring Filipinos closer to health-care access.

Drugmakers Inc and the rest of the people who donated cash and medicine to this endeavour joins the voice of Rock Ed collectively saying NO MORE EXCUSES, PHILIPPINES!


Gratitude for the generosity of:

  • Mr. EJ Del Mundo, Drugmakers’ Inc
  • Sophie Badoy-Tan
  • April Sacro-Unso
  • Pia Sacro
  • Patrick Boisvert
  • Liza Henson
  • Matel Escobin
  • Roscelle Anne Sabater
  • Kiel Tria and Veronica Insua-Tria
  • Philippine Association of Nutrition for organizing the event and providing the manpower for the mission logistics
  • Paolo Picones and Tammy David for documenting the event and wasting their weekend the Rock Ed way
  • Jake Verzosa for the inconvenience of picking up the Kaisa Foundation vehicle
  • Ms. Tessie Ang See and family
  • Kaisa Foundation

A special thank you to all the health care professionals who decided to stay in the country despite. Mabuhay kayo.

If you are in the medical profession, get in touch with us to organize a Medical Mission somewhere. It is the small pocket changes that make all the difference in nation building.We build from the ground up. Give to the country whenever, wherever. Join the voice saying “Tama na’ng Palusot, Pilipinas!”

“No More Excuses, Philippines!”

Health Care for All.

Rock on.