10.03.2006, Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Fire ate up approximately 3000 households in the public market area of the seaside city of Bislig Surigao del Sur. Many of the affected are small scale merchants who live on the stores surrounding the public market, and fishermen who rely heavily on the public market for deals. This is the biggest fire in the history of the town, rendering around 15000 people homeless and with little supply of food. The town is still in shock. As of this writing, rescue and relief operations are being done to find the bodies of those trapped in the fire. The town depends on the public market for their daily supply of food, and with the market now gone, they will need every help they can get. Bislig is five hours away from Davao and Butuan.

Help can be of any form: clothes, food, utensils, medicines, cash etc. for those who can give please send your donations to Rock Ed Philippines and we will make sure these will reach the proper authorities in Bislig. Let us know how we can reach you for pick up of goods thru our email For those who are giving cash donations you may send it to our bank account:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Loyola Katipunan QC Branch.
bank account name: ROCK ED PROJECT .
bank account # : 3080-0073-44

Please send us an email with the details of your donation (amount, deposit number, date and time) so that we can give you back confirmations.

Photo credit: Joey Climaco