UP Music Circle 8th Anniversary:
Music as Mag:net
Quezon City - Mag:net Café Katipunan , 07.29.2006

Last July 29, 2006, the UP Music Circle celebrated its 8th Anniversary at the Mag:net in Katipunan, Quezon City. They aptly named the event, Music as Mag:net. Sure enough, crowds from nearby colleges and beyond filled the floors of Mag:net. It was also a reunion of sorts, as alumni of the circle came in full force to support the event. This year, the UP Music Circle through their president Arbie invited Rocked Philippines to join them in this event, because they believe that this country can be united through music. And so does Rocked. We are very proud to be part of their event. The Purple Chickens, The Out of Body Special, Makopa, Taggu nDios and Ice Cream Assasins  performed mostly original music. It felt more than just teen spirit, it was teen spirit with a purpose. Mabuhay kayo UP Music Circle! !

Text: Joey Climaco
Photo Credit: Leonardo Coll © 2006