From a small gutsy group of less then five people, Rock Ed Iloilo is off to a brave start. Hyacinth Obsequio, Dr. Paul Francia both got key people together to combine forces to jumpstart a more active Iloilo chapter. Butchay Padilla and Benito Sucgang both run establishments that are now the major drop off points of donated books. If you are based in Iloilo, please take the time out to clean off your shelves of books you no longer need. Schools are in dire need of our help. Their libraries are empty.

Initial beneficiaries of Rock Ed Iloilo’s efforts:

Alimodias Elementary School is a small barrio school situated at Brgy. Erequican, the second to the farthest barangay in Miag-ao, Iloilo. From the base of the mountain, one has to travel 3-5 kms by foot in order to reach it. The steep and rocky path which leads to this school tends to be very dangerous during inclement weather. Mudslides have occurred in the past and chances for accidents to occur have increasingly grown. The children who go to this school are unaware of the danger that might come their way given that some of their houses are located at the edge of the mountain. “Wala na ina sa ila ah. Naanad na sila dira” (The children are already used to that. It’s not a big deal to them), is what the older folks usually reply when asked about the children’s safety. Sure, familiarity may not be an issue to them but kids have a carefree attitude. Nobody should wait for an accident to happen before taking precaution. Distance has contributed greatly to the already sad plight of these kids. As for their urban counterparts, “lucky” is an understatement. For the children of Alimodias, acquiring books is a hard task. Recognizing fastfood mascots is strange. Fairy tales are new. These kids have so much more to discover. And they can explore the endless possibilities of learning with your help. Since 2004, the WVSU Political Science Students’ Org. Inc. has adopted AES. However, the fight doesn’t end there. We still need your help.

Badiangan National High School is one of the two high schools in Badiangan, a fifth class municipality in Iloilo. Accommodating a large number of students is not an easy task for the principal and teachers. The budget for the students’ textbooks is but enough for the current enrollees. The classrooms are clean and well-built. But once you take a look inside their library…empty. Story books. Educational magazines. Newspapers. Basic reference materials. Books that should be inside a high school library are not found in theirs. Unfortunately for these students, they have to wait – for help to come.

Drop off your books at:

B Mongolian Barbecue & Grill (Riverside Boardwalk, Diversion St., I.C.)
Tijuana’s Coffee Shop

For more information: or

Text and photo: Hyacinth Obsequio.