CCP’s Earth Day Celebration

Two Rock Ed bands join SIBOL!
CCP’s Earth Day Celebration

The Cultural Center of the Philippines broke ground today by taking on the advocacy of environmental protection. So, with partners Haribon Foundation, Winner Foundation, the La Sallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE), the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF), Cycling Advocates (CYCAD), Organic Producers and Traders Association (OPTA) Rock Ed Philippines and GMA 7, CCP launched "Sibol: Earth Day at the CCP" on April 22 at Liwasang Kalikasan.

The area is currently a manicured garden dotted with coconut trees and sculptures by ASEAN artists. The existing trees will be transferred to other parts of the complex and replaced with indigenous trees.

CCP President Nestor Jardin said through this project, he hopes to raise more awareness for both culture and the environment. Sibol aims to promote the "culture-life" concept, which utilizes arts and culture as a means to promote environmental preservation. "Culture protects life." he said.

He said early Filipinos coexisted with their environment in a mutually beneficial and regenerating basis. "Dependence on nature didn’t mean destroying it." And many of us lament the changes that came with our carelessness when it comes to balancing nature and progress.

Mr. Jardin added that he wanted to put together a research team that would study traditional cultural practices that can be used as takeoff point to show how modern society can also coexist with nature.

Rock Ed agrees with the CCP that "Culture protects life. Contemporary arts can promote the value of protecting nature. [Since] the arts is experiential, [then] inculcating this value on the youth is possible."

With resolute Rock Ed spirit, Johnny Alegre AFFINITY and Kala, volunteered to share their musical genius to represent us during the earth day program. During outdoor festivities, these two cool bands joined the ranks of little ballerinas dressed as butterflies and bees and classical musicians as they dance and play under the great Philippine summer sun. Aurally enveloping the nature park with AFFINITY’s legendary jazz strains and Kala’s Manila rhythm, Rock Ed supports CCP as they promote Environmental Sustainability. (UN Millennium Development Goal #7)

As Mike, Kala’s lead voice so poetically said, “Salamat Inang Kalikasan, at pinalalakad mo kami sa iyong kutis… ito’y aalagaan namin…” (wuhooo!)

He was just playing-profound and teasing the crowd when he said this, but if he heard himself that day, he will know that he was so close to poetry, it wasn’t goofy at all.

Vivat, crescat, floreat!
Live, grow, flourish!

Text: Gang Badoy
Photo credit: Leonardo Coll © 2006

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