Book Bigayan

BookBigayan 2008 is on.  And this one is yours! 

Here’s the deal: 

1. Text 20 friends. 
2. Ask them to set aside old/used books.
3. Collect the said books yourself or ask them to bring it to your place.
4. Bring books to Saguijo on Tuesday Jan 15. And give them to Peter the door boss.
5. Watch the debut of fresh volunteer bands like Kastigo and Arko. (welcome to Rock Ed)  
6. Groove to the music of Chillitees, Peryodiko, Area 5, Monsterbot, Sugarfree & Dr. Mindbender.
7. Enjoy your drink, raise your glass to people you know (and don’t know) while in Saguijo because tonight is the night of your very own personal bookdrive.
8. Go home safely.
9. Sleep well.
10. Rinse and repeat.

There is no dress code, anything looks good with a bag of donated books.

We’ll take care of the music, you take care of collecting the books.

For details: