Book Bigayan: Magallanes

The young ones of Magallanes Village decided to end their summer with a shindig that makes more sense to them than their usual park festivities. Dubbed as “The Great Summer Bookdrive,” the teen-agers of the village will host an ambitious bookdrive, requesting for donations from their neighboring Makati villages first. Holding it on the last day of May, this gig will end the awarding ceremonies of the summer-long annual sport fest of Barangay Magallanes. Rock Ed volunteer musicians will be performing on that night, check out this line up: THE DAWN, RADIOACTIVE SAGO PROJECT, SANDWICH, CHILLITEES, ENEMIES OF SATURN, SOUTHERN GRASS, MAYONNAISE, URSA MINOR, KING ANTARES, UNNAMED, PITIK and more.


A coming together of efforts, this bookdrive is the first rock concert ever to be held at the village gym. The collected books will be donated to public schools in the Mindoro area and if there’s more to go around, the Magallanes teens will deliver the books themselves to schools in Laguna and Bataan. Solita Monsod, one of the sharpest minds in national economics reminded us that great changes in our nation happens in the barangay, so here’s our tiny dent effort to respond to that challenge.


Admission is free, in turn we encourage donations in the form of books. Any book will do, believe us, there’s a place out there for your dusty old paperbacks. Encyclopedias, almanacs, science workbooks, coloring books, craft books, magazines, textbooks –all welcome. Rock Ed Magallanes is coordinated by JR Dionisio, Audrey Dionisio, Coco Coo, Bianca Recto, Russ Davis, Jonel Aquino, Pancho Padilla, John Lazo, Toby Diaz de Rivera, Jomar Alzona, Junboy Leonor, Emperor Jun Badoy, Lazo Farms and the MVA officials.


If you decide to host your own barangay bookdrive, ask these teens for tips and guidelines email