Bansang Malaya

RockBayan 2006 didn’t need fireworks.

The NGO fair and volunteer recruitment concert found many innocent Eastwood bystanders assaulted with information on how to be part of development projects of groups like Greenpeace, Isis, Save the Children, Jesuit Communications, Amnesty International and the Control Arms movement. Encircling the concert area were booths of NGOs who address many of the UN Millennium Development goals.

The artists were impeccable, as usual.  UpdharmaDown, Menaya, Narda, Noel Cabangon, Paolo Santos, Carol Bello, Isha, Johnny Alegre AFFINITY, Makatha and many more performed with nothing less than their souls onstage. Kala launched their chart-topping MANILA HIGH album that night with brimstone unmatched.

Sometimes we find our purpose in accidental circumstances. So taking the NGOs and the theme of “Volunteerism as Nationalism” to a mall made perfect sense to Rock Ed Philippines.  It is our dream that one day our country will be truly independent.  For now, we will at least try.

Malayang tunay ang Pilipinas, kapag nabubuhay na ng maayos ang mga Pilipino.

Independence Day this year was celebrated in cooperation with Eastwood City, Serye Restaurant, and Airborne Access. Thank you to all who went. See you next year.

text: Gang Badoy
photo credit: Leonardo Coll copyright 2006

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