Rock Ed Up North!
Baguio - Ayuyang Café, 04.08.2006

Rock Ed went with Terno Recordings to Baguio for an UpdharmaDown gig. Ayuyang Café became the venue of the second Rock Ed invasion of Baguio through the powerhouse Terno Band, UpdharmaDown . (the first being Joey “Pepe” Smith’s night in August 2005) Many in the music and arts scene of the City of Pines signed up to be part of the “No More Excuses, Philippines” campaign. Another event lined up for Baguio is Rock Ed joining the Levi’s 501 Stay True Concert Tour on May 6 to be run by Jim Ward of Bliss Café Baguio and then on May 27-28 another new volunteers’ orientation, also at Bliss Cafe.

Incidentally, our alternative education project series called “Community Classrooms” for Kapangan, Benguet will be on the same weekend as the orientation. May 27-28, 2006. Watch out for more announcements.

Text: Gang Badoy
Photo Credit: Leonardo Coll © 2006

We’d like to thank Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings, Armi, Carlos, Paul and Ean of UpdharmaDown, Kawayan de Guia, Kidlat Tahimik, Katti Sta. Ana, Dave Leprozo, DepEd, Ate Mercy of Teacher’s Camp, Team Lestat of Rock Ed, Noah, Ana, and Vicky.