Kakoy of Salindiwa


You will stand up for something.
With everything you've got.
Embrace your guitar.
Hold it tight.
Hold a banner to your chest.
Hold it high and sure.
Stand in front.
And center.
Stand straight.
Chin up.
Make a face.
Make a fist.
Walk. Run. Dance. Jump. Teach. Sing.
Gather yourself.
And then gather people.
And then scatter both.
Every now and then.

But you will show up.
Because you know.
A revolution never happened when people were absent.
Your revolution is not on the internet.
Your revolution is live.
You are the plan.
You are the movement.
You will show up.

When you do this, you will know that fabricating angst is a waste of time.
Because there are real things to feel.
And because.
Someday, other people's pain will be yours.
And, in return, other people will bear your pain.
And when you get the balance right.
Change will show its face.

You will also relax when you can.
Dahil minsan lang ang buhay.

Cheers, my friend.

These are your 'good old days.'
The time in your life when you 'still had ideals.'
And because you decided on it - this season will never end.

Text: Paraphrased from an essay/letter to the Rock Ed Volunteer by Gang Badoy
Photo: Leonardo Coll © 2006