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Rock Ed Philippines pushes for projects that promote responses to the eight (8) UN Millennium Development Goals. We believe that if all of us participated in civic-initiatives that address these issues, then the basic human dignity of the Filipino will be upheld. In the end, it is not just the government's responsibility even if it is primarily theirs. The private citizen's responsibility is to be more involved in nation-building in any shape or form.

The elections this May will require our participation. If you registered, then we thank you for making sure your voice is heard. If you wish to vote for whomever, do so. If you wish to abstain, at least have your protest felt by still going to the polls and writing "abstain" on the ballot. The important thing is we should participate critically. Volunteer to help at the tally date, donate food to the public school teachers who are assigned to poll areas in your district, be on guard. Let us be vigilant and complain if candidates are violating Comelec regulations on collaterals/poster hanging or distribution, write authorities or the daily publications if you have clarifications regarding voting or regulations, surf the comelec website ( http://www.comelec.gov.ph), do not accept money, do not ask for money, do not sell your vote. It is yours. At this point, it may very well be your loudest shriek above the political din.

Rock Ed Philippines is not campaigning for any political party or any individual politician. Regarding elections: we perform and hold events for the 'advocacy of involvement' in it but not to vote for anyone in particular --that's your call. However, we campaign for a clean, free and honest elections. We campaign for non-violence during, before or after any campaign period.

The artist of Rock Ed is free to support his or her candidate on a personal basis but not as representatives of Rock Ed Philippines.

We are proud to say that we are working double time to educate the future voters of the country.

As for the present voters, we say, 'choose well.' Your vote, your voice.

And when these candidates eventually win and take their place in administration, We, as a group, will demand good governance because the Filipino deserves it. And we promise to support only politicians who keep their promises. And for those who don't, Rock Ed assures them that they will hear from us.

To all the politicians running for office: We suggest you don't push our buttons because we are indifferent no more. We expect you to work for improvements in your districts. We expect the local government units to work towards addressing the UN MDGs. We will expect better lives because of your governance.

Most of all, we will expect nothing less than your promises kept.

After all, you are in power because of our vote.

text: Gang Badoy
Rock Ed MDG icons by Pepper Roxas copyright 2005

*Watch out for the sales of the Rock Ed MDG icon buttons and shirts. For orders or inquiries email: projectsrock@yahoo.com proceeds from the sales will go to a Rock Ed beneficiary project of your choice. (BookBigayan, RockerPark, Ibang Klase, RockBakuna, Rock the Rehas, Rock Ed Relief, Rock Ed Respects)