A Massive New Wave

Rock Ed Philippines started out as a small group of friends who are mostly educators.

The common thread that bound, and still binds, this group of friends is the urgency to give back to nation-building through education. The concept of alternative education is not new but the Rock Ed group decided to twist it further to make it more interesting to the young. We all decided to rock society through education. To rally the cause of civic-mindedness, volunteerism, and the true search for a sense of country through the arts.

Rock Ed is not necessarily a new-styled organization, it is the coming together of the so-called indifferent. The people in civil society who used to not care nor comment on anything because of the frustrating climate of our political situation. Today, Rock Ed is one big voice that says "NO MORE EXCUSES, PHILIPPINES!" and we are thousands strong.

Today, we are silent no longer, indifferent no more.

If you ask more questions and try to find out more about ‘why things are the way they are,’ you are Rock Ed. We understand the wisdom in changing the little things first if we wish to see a new world. If you decided to be part of the change that our country will see in whatever you are involved in, you are Rock Ed.

The opportunities to be part of this new wave run endless.

Our projects are just surface-manifestations of the massive new wave of attitude we have collectively decided to take.

If today you decide to go towards the direction of faith in the Filipino despite the political mess-- you are Rock Ed.

Welcome to a new world with less excuses and more action.

Mabuhay ka.

Welcome to Rock Ed Philippines.

photo credit: Jesus Casabar