Pushing for Miracles
Feast of the Black Nazarene
Quiapo, Manila

Year after year, they come.

About half a million Filipinos show their devotion to the Black Nazarene every January. They believe that if they participate in this feast, a miracle will be granted them – a windfall, an opportunity for a better life, a wish granted. So they push and shove, drowning in frenzied faith because year after year, they believe that their miracle will come.

Perhaps some have a different point of view. For others this activity seems illogical and inconvenient. But because we are in desperate times, a supernatural intervention is the only thing that many Filipinos hope for and cling to. It is high time we ask ourselves why.

The cynic in me doubts if miracles happened that day. But when half a million people share one belief, one dream--that's a miracle. That is unity. It is more than a miracle when half a million people show up to manifest one prayer, one hope. There is much to learn from this day.

Believe in one dream, Filipino. And show up in numbers to make real this hope. Show up, contribute to the dream of a better life for us wherever, whenever.

2006 should see us having unity in thought, and more importantly-- unity in action.

We've said it before, we'll say it again: No More Excuses, Philippines.

Carry on.

Text: Gang Badoy
Photo Credit: VJ Villafranca copyright 2006