Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kalinga Baseco Site

May nagbabago sa katauhan at galak ng isang bata kapag may kulay ang kaniyang tahanan.

Mula sa Rock Ed Philippines – Mabuhay ang lahat ng tumutulong sa Gawad Kalinga!

Most of us know that there are accidental heroes.  Sometimes, these heroic moments are more of a “right-time-right-place” thing. Life pitched and they just happened to swing. I am not dismissing the accidental hero. I think accidental heroes also trained themselves to look towards compassion at all times, so much so that even his or her knee-jerk reaction is kind.

In this uncertain time of our country’s history, we are all called to be heroes.  Deliberate heroes.  I consider the volunteers, the artists, the students that take part in Rock Ed’s projects as deliberate heroes.  Hindi aksidente.  Sadya. Hindi naghintay ng pagkakataong tumulong, gumawa ng pagkakataon upang makatulong.  

Ganun lalo sa Gawad Kalinga.  I saw the pilot community of GK in Baseco and experienced for myself the challenge that this movement faces. I also experienced the courage they wear to take these intimidating tasks head-on.  More than the shells of the homes they build and paint, I am more in awe at the effort GK takes to build the figurative community, the thousands of Filipino families who found shelter in kindness. 

I have a feeling this is what nation-building is about.

Rock Ed Philippines salutes Gawad Kalinga.
Mabuhay kayo, mga Bayaning Pilipino.

Text and Photo of GK Baseco Site: Gang Badoy © 2006
Gawad Kalinga and its leader Mr. Antonio Meloto won the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership. To volunteer: